27 Oct 2018

Learn Terraform from scratch

Terraform is Terrafic!

You are gonna love it too. Have covered below in “basics-lesson1” -

➛ Create VPC with 3 public & private subnets span across 3 AZs with internet & NAT Gateway.
➛ Create IAM policies, roles & instance profiles.
➛ Create Autoscaling groups, Launch templates & SSH Key pairs for Application & Bastion host.
➛ Create Target group & Application load balancer.
➛ Create security groups for Application, ALB, Bastion & Database instance.

Just a single command and you create all of the above in no time. Terraform core takes care of all the inter-dependencies, I love this functionality.

Here you go, straight into the action -
(A lot more to come, fork/star it if you like it :-))

Terraform is an open source infrastructure as code(IaC) software by HashiCorp, written in GO, configuration files support HCL(HashiCorp configuration language)syntax or JSON format. It supports >70 infrastructure providers in cloud & on-premises both.
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